Monday, September 04, 2006


@ the BOAT

burn down the capitol presents:


7 bones

right on, we gonna get gnarly all night long...yeah life.


thanks to matt b

stay aware for an autumn mini-fest, just like the fundraiser, but with at least one outta town guest.

and soon we'll have live recordings up and our BITS mp3/cdr label will be coming soon.soon

look for future releases from BRUJO, BLOODHONEY, FUJUTSU, HEAVYWATER, ALL UNDER HEAVEN, AARON LUMLEY, HOOVER PARTY & the start of the OLD WORLD vs NEW WORLD series...more info to come.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The Bummer is upon us, and here is the final schedule; tickets are still available at rotate this and soundscapes, but selling fast, so don't wait! All shows are at the Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Av., and we can be reached at for info and ticket inquiries. There are two pre-fest shows happening in downtown t.o. leading up to the fest, the info can be found in the 'Pre-fest Mania' post. Thanks, hope to see you this weekend! bummeron

legend: (o) outdoors, (fr) front room, (m) main hall

Friday August 4-main hall

730 aaron lumley
8 eric chenaux
9 mike & mike
9:30 maboroshi orchestra (outdoors)
10 The Creeping Nobodies, certain members perform "Not true not true, lies!
1030 ghostlight
11 oneida

Saturday August 5

130 dollarama (o)
2 mortimercy (o)
2:30 rozasia (fr)
3 parkade (o)
3:30 digrimination (fr)
4 timber timbre (o)
4:30 picastro (fr)
5 laura barrett (o)
5:30 flynns (fr)
6 john oswald/ andy haas/ dave clark (m)
6:30 master (fr)
7 blake hargreaves (m)
7:30 gravitons (fr)
8 disguises (m)
8:30 ken aldcroft convergence (fr)
9 feuermusik (m)
9:30 women in tragedy (fr)
10 polmo polpo (m)
10:30 awesome (fr)
11 mv+ee bummer road (m)

Sunday August 6

2 saffron sect(o)
2:30 sensual beast (fr)
3 mike smith/muskox (o)
3:30 jack vorvis/colin fisher/mani mazinani (fr)
4 ken reaume (o)
4:30 tradition (fr)
5 davison (m)
5:30 bruce penisula (fr)
6 hoover party (m)
6:30 blue sunshine (fr)
7 i have eaten the barnyard drama (m)
7:30 unconcious 3 (fr)
8 fujutsu (m)
8:30 double suicide (fr)
9 nadja (m)
9:30 six heads (fr)
10 radio I ching(m)
10:30 all under heaven (fr)
11 deep dark united (m)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

John Oswald!

Hey everyone, we just added a set with John Oswald (Plunderphonics, CCMC), playing in trio with Andy Haas (Radio I Ching, Haas/Fiorino duo) and Dave Clark (Woodchoppers, AIMT) on Saturday August 5, at 6 pm. Amazing!!!! So happy to have these guys on board, i can't tell ya. Bummer rules!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Pre-fest mania!!!!!!!!!!

Hey,hey, here are the flyers for the pre-fest festivities; holy smoke, this is gonna be off the hizzy!!! and dig dr. matt cully's fabulous design work!! ace, brother, ace; here are the details:

August 2 Poor Pilgrim #18-Press Club, 850 Dundas St. W., at Euclid

Woolly Leaves back once again from touring w/ the Cons, Will Kidman is set to step up in his own right as the Woolly one : well-crafted, beautiful songs : and (weather permitting) a session on the back patio of the club : sure to soothe the finest of heat-tinged heads:

Casey Mecija when not fronting the powerfully delicate Ohbijou Casey grabs her guitar, keyboard and kickdrum & brings her one-woman -show to the luckiest of clubs. --- Fresh from touring the East Coast : re-energized and full of lobster : ready to sing, sweep, swoon us all away :

Heavy Water One of the main organizers of Bummer In The Summer sits down w/ his juice harp buddha style w/ help (& visuals) from miss Vic

w/ DJ Owen Marchildon smoking blue grass while leaning back relaxing spinning sweet to odd country music for the po pilgrim's soul


August 3, Bummer Midnight Ramble, Pre-jam! 2am, Trinity Bellwoods Park

Singing Saw Shadow Show
Wyrd Visions

Bring your A-game and get down with some deep summer freak outs! see yas there, boyeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

...a waft of saffron...

Coming down the pike here at bummerhq is the fantastic news that the Saffron Sect (Fig Records) are joining the Bummer lineup as a last minute addition. Check out their website, and fig records,, so happy to have this crew on board! goodtimes/badvibes/bummerinthesummer

Monday, July 10, 2006


Here's a little rundown on the performers and their bios for y'all, dig?! Bummer rules!!!

"Our hearts, minds and spirit are in the sub-underground by choice, positively no garage-Mahals" – MV

MV & EE WITH THE BUMMER ROAD: In fact still orbiting the earth in Vermont is Matt 'MV' Valentine, one of the founders of The Tower Recordings and Erika 'EE' Elder, together with their dog Zuma they run The Child of Microtones Terran Library of Exploratory Music and sing songs with American avatars The Bummer Road. Sometimes their own lunar blues, sometimes finger style noise/space, sometimes lonesome frontier folk...always environments. You will find many are one (MV / EE / Mo' Jiggs / Nemo) and they are kinda proficient on guitar / bantar, lap steel / uke / theremin, harp / percussion, tambura / oscillator / guitar... respectfully and yours and hanging loose.

Disks on: Child of Microtones, Time-Lag, Qbico.
Related releases on: Communion, Ecstatic Yod, Spirit of Orr, Siltbreeze, Audible Hiss, Polyamory, Idea, Heroine Celestial Agriculture.
Future releases on: Ecstatic Peace, Three Lobed.

ONEIDA: Ten years gone and Hanoi Jane, Kid Millions and Bobby Matador (along with recent inductee Phil Manley, ex-Trans Am) are still intensely worshipping rock altars of the Kraut, garage, psych, stoner and indie descents as Oneida, consistently reaching new creative heights with each successive mountain-climbing journey they take us on. While touring their stellar new joint Happy New Year, Oneida’s harmonic vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keys collide together under the versatile rhythm and melody machine that these Brooklyn-based buds bring to the party.

Disks on: Three Gut, Jagjaguwar, Turnbuckle, Arena Rock.

RADIO I CHING: Hailing from New York City, Radio I Ching consists of Andy Haas (sax, piri, fife, electronics), Don Fiorino (lap steel, lotar, banjo) and Dee Pop (drums, percussion) playing a fierce brand of free music embedded with exotic sounds and intensely political overtones; their music begs the question: 'Is it any comfort that the tanks murdering in my name are digging graves for my people as well?'

DEEP DARK UNITED: A ramble-tamble scampering down your spleen’s back alley, leaving wheezing cheaters speaking gibberish in its outward pouring wake. Woven from the same mystical everyman fabric as Captain Beefheart and the Red Krayola, for wont of existing reference points. Alex Lukashevsky is the reason for the breezin’, but his band is just as modestly genius as he. Most Toronto musicians openly hail Deep Dark United, even Broken Social Scene.

Disks on: Blocks Recording Club, Kosher Rock.

FEUERMUSIK: Jeremy Strachan (woodwinds) and Gus Weinkauf (percussion). This Toronto-based duo has been writing and performing since 2004. Their music may inaccurately be described as experimental or jazz or experimental jazz. Their first record, "Goodbye, Lucille" (2006, independent), features nine arrangements for various woodwind ensembles and percussion, and is an extension of their often-successful live performance as a duo. Both Strachan and Weinkauf have been active as musicians in the Toronto area for the last decade, and count amongst their influences the talented and inspiring musicians with whom they have played over the years.

THE CREEPING NOBODIES: One of Toronto’s most-loved post-punk barn-burners, the Creeping Nobodies also crossover into experimental realms by incorporating ideas about impulsive noise bursts and cyclical tensions into their emotionally stirring songs. Long-time Sonic Youth collaborator Wharton Tiers produced their recently released riveter, Sound of Joy, and they’re hot off a brief tour with Tiers’ Ensemble.

Disks on: Blocks Recording Club, Bloodworks.
Future disks on: Liberation Musicale.

BLAKE HARGREAVES (COUSINS OF REGGAE): Formed in Toronto, now based out of Montreal and admired world-wide, this noise-rock duo shred all notions of anything in their path to total freedom / destruction / reinvention. Members Liam Thurston and Blake Hargreaves used to rip together in Orphanage, and nowadays Hargreaves can also be found noising it up solo, with Dreamcatcher, and with Thames. It’s no wonder New York labels are releasing these guys: the shit is that good.

Disks on: Olde English Spelling Bee, Our Mouth.

POLMO POLPO: The pseudonym of Toronto’s genre-sifting gentleman Sandro Perri, Polmo Polpo moves ever-so-fluidly between ideas of minimal techno, lap steel elegance and everything else under the sun that moves and engages us. Perri also makes heads swirl and hearts swell as one-half of Glissandro 70, and sometimes DJ’s.

Disks on: Constellation, Alien8, Subtractif, Audi Sensa.

LAURA BARRETT: One woman with personality, a beautiful voice, a kalimba and the occasional kind act of live accompaniment are what you can expect from Toronto’s critically admired Laura Barrett. Sounds bare, but it’s the fullness and power of her stirring songs that will breathe life into your heart, no two ways about it.

Disks on: Pounds.

PICASTRO: Gothic tinges of black metal, folk and post-rock combine within this admired Toronto group’s chamber of song. Dark ceremonies of swooning inspiration await those who hearken here.

Disks on: Polyvinyl, Monotreme.

ERIC CHENAUX: Experiments with song forms as a guitar player, composer and singer. He plays sweet and warped jazz in The Reveries, improvises fried polyphony in The Guayaveras and The Draperies, composes skewed lyrical ballads for and performs with—The Tristanos, a duet with Michelle McAdorey, and a duo with composer Martin Arnold. As a composer Eric has had pieces performed by The Arraymusic Ensemble and Neither/Nor. He is also co-founder of Toronto based recording label,

MICHAEL KEITH & MIKE HANSEN: The fret-burning guitar antics of Michael Keith and record-warping turntablism of Mike Hansen meet head to head when these long-runners within Toronto’s improvisatory music circles face off for the battle to end all others. Hell will be poppin’.

Mike Hansen:
Michael Keith:

GHOSTLIGHT: A massive, open-ended improvisational psych-rock ensemble that slips through the history of vital far-out music like a sleek librarian thumbing a familiar encyclopedia. Ghostlight’s membership includes a virtual who’s who of long-running Toronto players. They once backed up Damo Suzuki of Can. They create space that feels.

SINGING SAWS: Seven singing saws singing songs with shadows slightly slanted. Sweeping melodies of singsongs to swing slowly through sleep. Saddened sacred scenery on a sanguinary seaside séance with seersucker suits. Sedated samovar sect with semantic semaphore shadows—silent sidereal silhouette. Segue—second simple senile sensual semitone semblances. Septet—a sleepwalking soliloquy, sonorous spasmodic spatial surrealists.

ROZASIA: What do traditional Russian folk, progressive rock, no-wave and minimalist composition have in common? Eugene Slonimerov and his energetic band of wildly dressed and multi-disciplined musicians, who pick up where his previous outfit, Lenin I Shumov, left off.

Related disks on: Blocks Recording Club.

WILLIAM A. DAVISON: The surrealist noise artist and long-time veteran of Toronto’s long-running noise / improv / experimental music scenes. Founded Songs of the New Erotics, Urban Refuse Group, and Six Heads. Former Phycus and Puppet Government guitarist / noisician. Occasional member of Gastric Female Reflex and Sounds of North American Adult Bookstores. Nurse With Wound and collaborator.

Disks on: Disembraining Songs, Beniffer Editions, Implant, Musicus Phycus, RRRecords, Mutant Cactus, Doomsday Transmissions, more.

SIX HEADS: Based in Toronto, Canada and formed in 2000 from the ashes of the junk instrument collective Urban Refuse Group, Six Heads is an ensemble of six instrument-builders and sound experimenters dedicated to exploring the rarely trodden territory of surrealist sound collage—aware of the trails previously blazed by Nurse With Wound and other audio surrealists but charting their own path by means of free improvisation, homemade instruments, and live mixing as opposed to studio manipulation/composition.

FLYNNS: Three amped guitars and an invisible world of vibration just begging to be explored are all Flynns need to massage your time away. These long-running, head-tripping dudes are among Toronto's holy mountain climbing finest, so be sure to catch their raw psych set as it levitates before the stage. Electricity…

THE KEN ALDCROFT CONVERGENCE ENSEMBLE: An improvising ensemble that integrates composed material through spontaneous arranging by all members of the ensemble. This collective real time music-making scenario keeps the ensemble members on their toes while acting and reacting to each other's on the spot decision making. The result is an organic live process to creating music that includes the listening audience being active participants and inviting them along for the musical ride in real time. The Convergence Ensemble will be releasing their debut CD "The Great Divide" in October 2006. The Convergence Ensemble features Ken Aldcroft—guitar, Evan Shaw—alto sax, Scott Thomson—trombone, Wes Neal—bass and Joe Sorbara—drums.

Disks on: Trio.

AWESOME: A mysteriously evolving troupe of ritual worshipping performers who have been stoking Toronto’s growing freak scene since being born in secrecy a little over a year ago, Awesome don costumes and effectively confound and surprise audiences with their inventive performances. They might not want you to know this, but Awesome counts Matt Smith (ex-Les Mouches, aka N!fty), Alex Snukal (aka Animal Monster), Colin Bergh (aka Wyrd Visions) and Paul Mortimer (aka Mortimercy, also of Jon-Rae and the River) among its members.

DISGUISES: Toronto’s pissed-off and downright reckless fucks stuff powders scraped from scum-punk, freak-rock, tribal primitivism and mystical madness into one deadly cannon that walks the line between composition and improvisation. These days they’re a three piece. Maybe by the time Bummer rolls around they’ll be four again. Disguises make music for people who like to see sounds explode out of instruments. All three members have a solo project and a duo side-project on the go, ‘natch.

Disks on: Beniffer Editions, Wintage, LSD OTB.

DOLLARAMA: Is the invention of a nine year olds’ birthday party getting creative or going awry. They’re not sure which. They are a raucous, rowdy troupe who only use instruments that cost $1 or less.

WYRD VISIONS: A mellow young man named Colin Bergh plucks a gently resonating, half-eaten guitar, sometimes alongside his collaborators from Awesome. Shades of doom metal darkness, rustic backlands and folk bliss. Feeling the space as it settles calmly within the ether. Heavy peace.

Disks on: Blue Fog.

WOMEN IN TRAGEDY: The one-man assault unit known as Bob McCully (ex-Metal Islands, currently of duos Flowers of the Dead and Cave Dudes) kneels armed with a guitar, a mic, a militia of effects pedals, and two fists to pump with. Women In Tragedy piles on the ultimate drone-space continuum like you won’t believe. Guaranteed to take you where you need to be, and wash away your misery with thick magnetic layers of mental sound-spells. A full-body experience, Women In Tragedy will allow your mind to roam free of those pesky appendages.

Disks on: Middle James Co., Inyrdisk.
Future releases on: Bad Drone, Sunglass, Friendly Biceps, Kaleidoscope Gang.

DOUBLE SUICIDE: Local busybodies Ryan Driver (The Silt, The Draperies, The Reveries) and Sandro Perri (Polmo Polpo, Glissandro 70) face off in an intimate acoustic setting to battle the demons that exist between us all with brazen emotions and tender, sparing composition. Definitely a match made in heaven we’ll be hearing more from.

KEN REAUME: Intimate, whispery bedroom folk from Toronto’s secret talent resonates throughout the consciousness for ages after listening takes place. Warm your heart with a cup of Ken’s crimson wonder.

Disks on: Pariah.

PARKADE: This long running and wildly challenging group/non-group began performing in the reverberating public catacombs of our city (parking garages, etc.) but has since stripped naked (with chains!) in the Drake Hotel and rubbed meat upon unmentionables at Xpace (while croaking Sinead O’Connor!), among other anti-evocative acts. Parkade are a dependably convention-shattering and highly subversive delight for the open senses your mind won’t soon let you forget.

MABOROSHI ORCHESTRA: Stuart Wiber and Olivia Berius graduated the National Theatre School of Canada and started up their company the Maboroshi Orchestra to take exciting puppet theatre to new heights. Guttural, instinctual; mystery abounds.

NADJA: Is Toronto’s Aidan Baker (guitars / flute/ vocals / drum programming) & Leah Buckareff (bass / vocals). Originally formed in 2003 as a solo project, the now-duo creates ambient / drone / doom / metal, combining soundscapes, electronics and atmospheric vocals with snail-crawl, epic riffs & dirge-like percussion, all tempered with a certain ethereal melodicism such that the listener is enveloped in a swirling, sublimating wall of amorphous, cacophanous sound.

Disks on: Alien8, Profound Lore, Equation.
Future releases on: Utech, Conspiracy.

FUJUTSU: “No one has found a way to avoid death, To pass around it; Those old men who have met it, Who have reached the place where death stands waiting, Have not pointed out a way to circumvent it. Death is difficult to face.” Toronto’s Fujutsu fearlessly look death in the eye, armed only with psychedelic kraut-rock weaponry.

AARON LUMLEY: A guitarist and fledgling double bassist, he plays music that is rooted in the traditions of Free Jazz, Free Improvisation, and various folk forms. With the company of Brandon Valdivia (I Have Eaten the City) and Jonathan Adjemian (Hoover Party), he will instantly compose ecstatic dithyrambs and harmolodious paeans for listeners at Bummer in the Summer.

TIMBER TIMBRE: Have been described as a woodsy ghost-folk hoedown. Based out of Toronto, the sometime four-piece or solo act fall somewhere between Neil Young and Jandek.

BLUE SUNSHINE: The meditative mind-feed duo of Taylor Flook (ex-Gastric Female Reflex) and Jon Shapiro (ex-Bloody Mess, currently of Disguises, 13 Moons) might stir up some dark feelings within you, when they’re not supporting the cathartic release of said feelings. Harsh tokes stuck like swords and sermons into the hearts of darkness surrounding.

GRAVITONS: Toronto favourites Mani and Jill kick out the shredding improvised jams on drums and guitar. Not quite speed-metal, not quite free jazz, but all harsh, fast and chaotic. And hey, they even switch up instrument duties once in a while. Mani also runs

BRUCE PENINSULA: An aural region as yet untouched by modern forms. Rooted deeply in old folk spirituals and their morphology through time and culture, its members seek to explore old artifacts, scraps of sound and archaic forms with the hope of recontextualizing their essential qualities for the super-modern ear. Its shifting membership includes Matt Cully, Misha Bower and Neil Haverty.

SENSUAL BEAST: Working from sources both revealed and occult, Sensual Beast chooses to exist within the centuries old stream, dredging its wealth through the use of modern technologies. The physical bodies of KRS Juan and Milant may be hundreds of miles apart, yet the two have been connected by the hidden eye ever since before birth. Reveling in the aesthetic known as “psychedelic” yet derided as noise by the profane, the two hedonists plot the demise of rational thought… destroying the music that they create in the process. Succumb!

MORTIMERCY: Is my side solo band. I plays guitar and am accompanied sometimes by various friends (such as Paul-Julien or Marco Landini). I currently play in Awesome, Jon-Rae and the River, and (occasionally) All Under Heaven. I used to play in the Pauls. –Paul Mortimer

BRUJO: Transmigration in song. A natural sound movement that’s always live, always fresh, always deep in the bush, under the stars. Tribal and real as spirits in the forest, during witching hour. More of an occurrence than a performance.

I HAVE EATEN THE BARNYARD DRAMA: An extended version of I Have Eaten the City, which is an improvising trio. While they approach playing without any concrete musical ideas, the music can be traced to their eclectic tastes and wide range of interests and experiences. There are aspects of free-jazz, abstract post-techno electronica, musique concrete, experimental rock, krautrock, psychedelia, noise, ambient music and various non-western musics.

ALL UNDER HEAVEN: A truly enlightened gathering of space-seeking players under the elegiac direction of Marco Landini (Ghostlight, Lullabye Arkestra, many more). Sometimes out in another galaxy, All Under Heaven (who sometimes perform in a more paired-down setting as simply Under Heaven) play the blues as meditatively as you can imagine possible. Join in the chilling.

MIKE SMITH: Presents new music for Muskox, an ensemble currently comprised of Jamie Drake, percussion; Matthew Dunn, banjo; Handsome Mark Laver, saxophones; and the supreme commander himself, Mr. Smith, on double bass and harmonium. The music of Muskox seeks to explore structure without monotony, and tension without aggression—guaranteed to please the music lover in your family.

MASTER: The ceremony of psych-rock has begun, and there are too many influences in Master’s constantly evolving existence to be named. Expect the unexpected. Roll with the peace, the punches, the caresses, and the current. A fairly new band that Toronto is lucky to have.

DISGRIMINATION: Me just wanna captivate crow / Me don’t care if me instigate peace… Me use words as wands / And riddim for fire. Me do it for a lark / But me lark can hustle / So mind yourself. Me business fraught with pleasure / me is galore. “Disgrimination is hyperactive utterance over seemly beat and squawk, sometimes conforming to dancehall predilection—at best, incantatory, invocational and evocative.” —Dave Eggers, The Believer. (No Dynamics / Broken Tree Fort collision.)

TRADITION: A spirited celebration of global consciousness, pure form, and the guitar as a gateway for telepathic energy. Formally of Toronto, Tradition is currently taking a lifetime exploring the depths of off-the-beaten-path idealism and trying to get whitey off the Moon.

UNCONSCIOUS 3: A far-out, space-pushing trio featuring members of AIMT (The Association of Improvising Musicians in Toronto).

SAFFRON SECT: The Saffron Sect is born of overgrown gardens and shaded secret places. Songs of seas, smoke, and stone alike, these recordings offer glimpses of worlds that might have been, or should be. Hazy and mysteriously rollicking rhythms, an array of familiar yet archaic instruments coupled with Gaven's lilting voice and lyric betray his weird imagination, painted here in the palettes of the psychedelic string pluck. Devoid of the self-awareness strangling many bands, The Saffron Sect conjure up a playful world in which to deliberate life's loves lost and won.

GASTRIC FEMALE REFLEX: This chaotic cut-up noise duo has made many waves in Toronto’s swelling underground, but will unfortunately be on tour in Europe with Crank Sturgeon (a solo noise experience from Maine, USA) while Bummer in the Summer is happening. The boys are, however, going to email a recording of one of their European sets to be played for those in attendance, at some point during the festival. Whoa!

PSYCH DJ’s: DAVID DACKS, KOMEETTA SUMEA, more to be announced.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Night Terrors

Howdy hey, we've got even more ridonculous news leaking out of ye olde Bummer HQ these days. For pre-fest festivities we thought we would throw together a little midnight ramble. Check out this mother!:
Thursday August 3, 3am, outdoor location TBA
Singing Saw Shadow Show
Wyrd Visions
+more TBA
This is how you bring the good times/bad vibes! Off the hizzy!!! Later skater